Sex, Lives and Red Tape

Public health lessons from “WALL-E”

The Public Health Film Festival took place last month, and on Sunday 29th June screened the heart-warming Pixar film “WALL-E”. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, however having rewatched the … Continue reading

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Commissioning Contraception – what has changed since 2012?

You know those moments when, completely by chance, you stumble across something which is incredibly relevant to your research? Well yesterday I came across the Advisory Group on Contraception‘s audits on … Continue reading

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Politics and Public Health

With the elections tomorrow (for MEPs, local councillors and/or local mayors – depending on where you live in England), the Public Health and Politics training event I attended yesterday in City Hall … Continue reading

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Lessons from a C-Card Scheme Evaluation Paper

Today I hosted a journal club discussion for my Sexual Health and Reproduction group colleagues.  As I’m about to embark upon my literature review, I decided to pick a paper which was … Continue reading

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Reviewing the literature: broad versus systematic approaches

In starting my literature review, I decided a good first step would be to look at some examples – what have others done? what should the final product look like? … Continue reading

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It all comes back to the research question

Me: {rambling on about all my ideas} Supervisor: “So… remind me what your research question is” Me: “Ummm…. well I don’t have the exact wording yet, but I *think* it’ll … Continue reading

January 29, 2014 · 2 Comments

Getting your paper published: why and where

Having recently enrolled at UCL I’ve been taking advantage of the brilliant range of graduate skills development courses on offer. I know that getting work published is important in academia; I’ve heard it … Continue reading

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Showcasing Life in ‘Bedlam’: Will it Reduce Mental Health Stigma?

Although mental health theory and practice has changed over time, the stigma which surrounds mental health is ever-present. There are a number of fantastic individuals and initiatives which are trying … Continue reading

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Can Zombies Teach Us About Public Health?

Ah zombies… it seems that they are (metaphorically) everywhere. In recent years I have observed the nature of zombie outbreaks in films change. There has been a move away from … Continue reading

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Addressing the Stigma of Female Genital Mutilation

Today I learnt about the work and influence of Nabaz Ahmed and Shara Amin, two film makers in Kurdistan, in raising awareness of the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).  … Continue reading

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