Sex, Lives and Red Tape


Caroline Tomes

Caroline Tomes is a registrar in public health. She is currently out of programme working as an NIHR-funded doctoral researcher based at University College London. Her thesis looks at how contraceptive services are meeting the needs of young people in England following the Health and Social Care Act (2012).

Caroline started public health training in 2010 and has completed an MPhil in Public Health from the University of Cambridge and achieved full membership with the UK Faculty of Public Health (MFPH).

Her academic background is in sociology, psychology and health improvement. Prior to training, Caroline worked with the Health Inequalities National Support Team at the Department of Health, and was a Health Improvement Facilitator working with deprived communities in Suffolk.

Caroline has many professional interests including health promotion (especially in areas considered ‘deviant’, such as mental and sexual health) and sustainable development.

For more information about Caroline, visit her LinkedIn page

Disclaimer: the views in this blog are those of the author and in no way representative of UCL.


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